Definitive Guide to Overclocking?

I was wondering if there was a definitive guide to overclocking out there that is very detailed but not ten years old. I'm doing a project for school and need a source, but I can't find one that goes beyond "go to BIOS, bump up the CPU Multiplier, do a stability test, repeat" and has been made within 3-5 years.

For me, Definitive= Overclocking theory (like a "when your dealing X type of CPU, you should focus on the FSB frequency before moving on to the CPU multiplier." etc.), an explanation of what a setting does, and stuff like that. For me, there is no such thing as too Dull or complicated. 

Am I asking for too much information? 

You can't have a definitive guide, because each BIOS or UEFI, and each CPU, is different based on manufacturer, and the versions. You can only have definitive guides for incredibly specific situations, such as a 38xxx series i7 4930k on a RIVE with UEFI 1054, or something.

As brennanriddell said, it's really hard to encompass all techniques into one guide, but there's no need; there are so many guides out there. Have you taken a good look? I found quite a few for my EVGA 1366 socket i7-950 setup. You get those "when you're dealing with X type of CPU etc" bits from the guides that are made for that mobo & CPU type. 

All that said, it really wouldn't be challenging to make a massive guide for overclocking similar to what you're thinking, but it'd be too time consuming and unnecessary. Just search points of detail about your setup and you'll find what you're looking for.

Ok, thanks guys. Good to know I'm searching for a holy grail.

I'm getting an A10-6800k (it's currently in the mail right now :) ) and I've looked for an overclocking guide, but haven't really found one.... At least one that was originally made in German. has one, but the translation to English is a bit questionable in places and I've never heard of the site before.

If it is accurate though, it looks pretty nice.  Can anyone vouch for the site's or article's validity? Or recommend another guide?


Oh, and my mother board is an ASUS F2A85-M PRO, a rosewill 750W PSU (yes, I know this is complete overkill for this rig, but I would like to upgrade with no worries in the future), g skill 2x4gb at 2400MHz, and a zalman lq315 cooler. Just an FYI