Define R4, Corsair 100i, AMD 8350

Okay so I want to buy the fractal design r4 and also be able to overclock to like 5 ghz. Will the 100i fit in the top of the r4 or would a have to put it in the front? Or is there a single 120 or 140 rad I could use that will cool it well enough? Should I even try an overclock that large using the Asus M5A99FX PRO R.2?

Yes it will here is a link to a thread already here on Teksyndicate

Yeah, but trust me, It's a pain in the ass.  The cooler is very crammed into that case.  I recommend you check out the new Phanteks case, the Enthoo pro.  It's in that price range but loaded with features.

Yup, for the money. Gotta have that.

While it does fit(see picture of my rig), it's crammed in there. I actually had to mount the radiator off center(closest to the side panel as possible) to prevent it from pressing against the mb/ram. Luckily the venting holes on the top are spaced perfectly to allow that to happen. I personally would go for the Enthoo Pro case Mo_Elguhiem linked. I'm thinking I will pick one up and move everything over to that case.

OP, If you're still there, Here is the build I did with the Fractal case and the H100i, It worked, but it was so annoying constantly taking it on and off just because of something.  I mean if I was a bit more smarter and patient, I would've got it to work easier, but it seriuosly turned me off from building from a while.  A Noctua Nh D14 was an easier in install.  But seriously, consider that Enthoo Pro, really good case for the money.