Defective HDD?

Hey guys,

I'm running a 120 GB SSD for my boot drive, and a 1 TB Seagate Barracuda HDD for my storage. Recently, I've been having a problem with my HDD.

Occasionally, when loading or moving a file, My HDD will make a few clicking noises, freeze all operations, and then after a few seconds continue when it left off. 


Is this an abnormal behavior? I've been backing up my files daily since this began.


Thanks guys

Depends. Maybe it's normal because the HDD is in some sort of suspension and wakes up again when you access a file. I know the behaviour at least from my external HDD. Just take a look at the SMART values and/or look at a graph of disk access over time when this happens.

Try disabling power savings mode for your hdd. If it still makes tat sound it sounds limethe hdd *might* be dying.