Defcon 25

Do they no post all the presentations in a torrent to download them now? Or is it all on youtube?

Yeah it’s all here

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ya videos and slides are MT

I wish L1T could cover that convention as a sort of con coverage part of L1T. My friend tesla500 was able to afford to go last year, so step it up L1T!


This this this, a thousand times, this. Can we have this please? Please?


No hijacking here.

And blackhAt and skydog too? Please father we’v been good this year :U

New thread created here: L1T & Various Conventions - Would/Could/Should They?

Defcon-esque stuff would be outside of the scope of L1T. Id recommend looking around for some infosec related podcasts and stuff like Risky Business, or Smashing Security.

Edit: And by outside the scope, I mean what they traditionally do content on outside of the news.

fun fact, if you attend and bring an empty hdd, they will load it up with all of the archived videos since the beginning.


Fuck off.