DEFCON 2019: Anyone wanna go with me?

I decided that, you know what, I wanna go to defcon next year. If I have a job that isn’t a bunch of fuck I’ll be going. If I do I’ll go anyways. But I am curious: would anyone here want to go WITH me?

Or at least just go and attend.

If you aren’t familiar with DEFCON, its a hacker conference that talks about security, hardware vulnerabilities, software problems, things that can be fixed in our technology as well as in our people and not only from a business perspective but from just an every day view.

Heres some classic videos that I love:

So… Would you want to attend?

I go every year.

I’ve got a group of people I usually go with. I could see if we can work you in, if you like, but I’ve got a feeling you won’t like where we stay.

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I sleep on the floor of a storage shed for the most part try me.

Trump hotel.

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Are you kidding me that’d be great.

Think of all the people you could fuck with just in the morning while you take a shit.


Damn, alright. You’re definitely taking the opposite perspective to what I thought you’d take. I’ll talk with the guys during the event, since I’m driving up tomorrow, see if they’re cool with it.


Definitely enjoyed my stay there. That dude deserves everything he has :+1:

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lol you really don’t know me as well as you think you do

Thought process goes: if I’m going to overpay for sleeping, I might as well get something decent out of it. The other hotels are all disgusting. These aren’t terrible.

Eh, maybe not.

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Yeah at least the walls are spray painted gold.

I’m a libertarian not a retard lol

If that was what you meant.

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haha Sometimes I forget that.

Yeah, definitely what I was alluding to.

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I’m also a person who doesn’t allude to politics unless its the topic. If its not the topic I’m not even thinking about it I have too much other shit to do.

So probably the whole time we’re there and in the hotel you’ll just think I’m insane making absurd jokes about everything I can think of when I am looking at how gaudy and shittily made everything is.

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Woah. Trump Hotel? Isn’t that where rich people stay?

I wouldn’t mind going, and you guys can just leave me there.

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Eh, they’ve got rooms for 190/night, but up to 1200/night.

Sometimes, the luddites need a bit of luxury as well.