Default Website Country


I recently went to Newegg to look at a possible new GPU for my system. I live in the central United States, and by default Newegg was loading the Australian version of their site. 

I'm not sure if this is the place where I should ask this question but it is really strange that this started happening.

Thanks for all the help in advance.

Any chance you were using a VPN? Many websites only look at the IP adress they read, and change location based on that. I don't know about Newegg, but some websites have some manual setting as well.

I am not using a VPN.

Newegg has done that to me before. I could understand redirecting to the Canadian site because of my location, but it's directed me to the Indian site once or twice and the British one many times. I think it might be Newegg's system having a fit or something.