Default 25" 1440p Windows Scaling?

So for my setup I have a 27" 1440p monitor as my main monitor, a 24" 1080p monitor on my right and a 25" 1440p monitor in portrait on my left. I love my center monitor because of the extra real estate you get with 1440p, but I have an issue with my left side monitor.

I am using windows 8.1 Pro, and windows seems to automatically scale things for JUST my 25" 1440p side monitor. I looked around and it appears that microsoft basically does a DPI calculation, and if it's too high, windows will automatically scale for you, and the worst part is I can't set scaling on a monitor-per-monitor individual basis. This is quite annoying because it basically ruins the extra real estate that I wanted for my side 1440p monitor, and windows change sizes when I move them to that monitor etc.

Does anybody know a solution, or possible solution to this issue? It's just really a shame that I have to look at my 1440p monitor with blurry, huge text with less screen real estate than I paid for.

Example pictures of what I'm talking about:

What a window looks like on my single 27" 1440p:

What the window looks like, split between both monitors with MOST of the window on the 27":

What the window looks like when MOST of the window is on the 25"

You could install windows 7, or maybe you can do something in your graphics drivers

or just hold ctrl and zoom out web pages

As far as I remember, you just need to select that monitor in display settings and set scaling to 100%.