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Deepin linux and Deepin Desktop environment


im running the os native, deepin 15.8-3. i added access to ubuntu and debian repos, but i am still running the deepin repos. more for the full experience only grabbing what i need if something doesn’t work. needed some libusb stuff from ubuntu to get my keyboard rgb and pyusb for easier python stuff… but its been mostly painless… i don’t understand xrandr and reading makes more questions than answers…


I’ve been running Deepin over the weekend. Added the deb and deb-src ubuntu repositories, while leaving the Deepin repositories. Installed the Nvidia proprietary driver-- most up to date was 390.67? Does that sound right? That was through a PPA, i’m not sure what your setup is or if you’re using an AMD card. Playing native games fine, Shadow of Mordor and Borderlands 2 run great. Setup up Lutris and was playing Path of Exile in 1 click, terrible performance however. Went from 144fps on Windows to 60 fps on Deepin. But alas, this is all part of the Deepin experiment. Other than that I love the desktop, doing my homework on it today.

Edit* it’s harsh to say a game running at fps is terrible performance, but on a gtx 1080 ti, you get the idea.


Earlier I ran into some mesa issue and remembered updated kernel would help… Deepin didn’t like that and it nuked. Reinstalled…

brand spanking new kernel, deepin isn’t ready for or I messed something up… oh well. Defualt kernel with deepin-15.8+4 attempted to go to 4.19 generic 100% my fuck up


Are you using Ukuu? I didn’t see a built in kernel manager in Deepin.

I’ve had a few errors, all when it comes to Steam. Playing Slay the Spire (native linux) freezes upon launching. Can’t get it to load in windowed or full screen without freezing. Shadow of Mordor runs great, but I have to launch it in windowed mode, then switch the full screen in game. I’ve tried installing the 410 nvidia driver from PPA but no luck, using 390.67 proprietary.

Ryzen 1700
16gb 3200
Gtx 1080 TI
adata 480 gb NVME


it took a while to get ukuu working but i dunno how i got it working… though because i was trying a bunch of things and that might have been the issue i nuked it… but it was working. in the end its no biggy …
hmmm ill try SoM later i have it, see how it runs for me and check back with you. busy with studying for/in winter mini semester.


What does Deepin have as far as a file-manager?
Do they do anything to make GTK applications look at home, I imagine things like web-browsers and file-pickers might look out of place.


its pretty fast on searches not the fastest but pretty and fast

most is gtk based stuff i was realllllyyyyyyyyy surprised about the base stuff the store fairly update things even Vivaldi steam and lutris theres some things but over all unless is a using python (because my inexperience ) runs pretty well. heck runescape even had a icon that fit all the deepin default themes.

when inside diffren’t from base applications some of the deepin features go away chrome has its own dark theme so it takes that over vs deepins global dark theme (or per app) not alot of snap features but key commands annoying imo


Think I’ll load this up in a VM and play around with it. Thanks!



so after playing with deepin as my base now sense November now on deepin 15.8-5 when i started it was 15.8-1. A lot of optimizations have been flowing and over all stability seems to be a better goal with deepin and not 100% cutting edge as from my experience updating graphics drivers they seem to be using the Debian stable approved drivers and its a fun time to force newer drivers. updating the kernel is not a good move i spent a lot of time getting ukuu which i know was my fault on nuking the system.
the gnu boot loader that comes with deepin is awesome imo being able to have os control over booting into bios allowing me to actually have ultra fast boot on.
over all the experience was easier to set up then ubuntu on install. For most cases the deepin store is up-to-date and they take some pride in a fairly up-to-date store. unlike ubuntu’s some things for 11.04 that are super broken are still there for example. ubuntu has a wider selection but everything on the deepin store works.
the take i get from deepin is its stable and it works its pretty and has a windows esk or osx feel depending on your choice. honestly i would recommend this for beginners over ubuntu at this point as most things do work that work on ubuntu, works on deepin out of the box. if not the learning curve is not steep just finding things that are missing most of the time.
The deb install tool is amazing for this as it tells you what is missing or broken IN A GUI !~

A lot of deepin is gui based its a perfect for beginners and people looking for a stable linux experience as nothing is locked to one flavor and the stability of this distro i will be keeping it full time and hopefully helping some people in the door to linux