Deepcool Maelstrom 240 or Zalman LQ315

Hi guyz and girls. 90% of my Nordic build is done. The last main component, before I start painting is the CPU cooler. You see the competitors in the title - Deepcool Maelstrom 240 and Zalman LQ315. Why those two? Well, the Maelstrom is kind of cheap 240 AIO, that also have good performance. 100$ price for 240 AIO is kind of cheap in my country. On the other hand, I have the Zalman, at the price of 70$. It's only 120mm, but it's 38mm thick. The attractive thing is, that most 120mm AIOs are the same price, or even more expensive, but they are only 27mm thick.

Both of them will say goodbye to their stock fans and will have new white fans, still not sure Fractal, Bitfenix, Enermax or Phanteks or what, but I eventually will choose one.

I know, that the Maelstrom is a bit better cooler, and with it's white logo will fit my build, as the Zalman have a blue led logo, so it will be a bit off putting, but damn, that 30$ difference really does matter for my tight budget. On top of that the Zalman shows some really good thermals for the price.

Whatever I choose will cool Athlon 760K with as high overclock as I am able to achieve. The case is Fractal Arc Midi R2.

I want the top mounted Maelstrom, but the Zalman gives me better performance for it's price. Should I go all in on the cooler, or go pragmatic and get the best for the money? I am torn apart right now...