Deepcool ice blade pro for fx-8350

so can i get decent oc on 8350 cooled by "deepcool ice blade pro" ? could i reach 4.7 and keep temps low ? below 60C under load maybe !

The fin density on that looks pretty crap IMO. You should go with a more dense air cooler, like the dark knight or the phanteks. more dense fin arrangement = more surface area = more cooling

unless its cheap like under $50 there are better options out there.  Check out phanteks, noctua,and the dark knight.

+1 I forgot Noctua. Their coolers are beasts.

The cooler isn't bad, it has good material, and good contact to the CPU.  Don't listen to everyone's inaccurate ASSUMPTION.  The cooler's fins are set where air travels better so that it may cool better.  I know it has less fins but it's all completely copper with nickel plating(only bad remark...nickel plating).  Good strong socket connectors, Good fan with a strong cfm. It may not have a name like Noctua, Cooler Master or any other big brand name.  It's quite cheap and well worth the value.

You might reach 4.7Ghz if you have a well build chip. but like everyone said, you might want something stronger.  Noctua, Xigmatek, and Thermaltake are going to probably be your best bet.  If not go for an H100i or H80i or something along those lines.  Personally i like my Thermaltake Water 2.0 Pro, it has 2 bitfenix fans and it keeps my computer at 4.5ghz at around 49'C-55'C under full load.

Thermaltake NiC C5 supports 230w and is the same price as dark knight

and is most likely better than the deep cool

I actually looked at that after we got the dark knight. It looks like it would be a great cooler.

its really good, but you made the right desicion with the dark knight, from what I have heard the NiC C5 can get hella loud, but if you use headphones I reccomend it.

Good reply.

Though I think it depends on the price point of this cooler (I don't know its cost off of the top of my head).

I swear I noticed a Noctua not long ago that was close to $90 AUD, however, it pushed around 90cfm rather than the 60 or so the Deep Cool pushes.

Edit: It wasn't a Noctua - it was the Havik 140 which is an even better $69 AUD.

#232323 ; line-height: 24px; background-color: #f9f9f9 ;">Don't listen to everyone's inaccurate ASSUMPTION

#232323 ; line-height: 24px; background-color: #f9f9f9 ;">you might want something stronger.  Noctua, Xigmatek, and Thermaltake are going to probably be your best bet

Conflicting statements. Haha. But thats exactly what we were saying, lmao. I really love my dark knight. Running stable 4.6 on my 8150.

a better cooler then, i'm using it right now with my intel q8300 @ 3.5ghz 1.4v ... never gets over 60 full load.

i just wanted to know if it does so well on q8300 how bad would it perform on fx-8350.

the cool thing about this cooler "ice blade" is that the air flows out through the sides not the front. i put two fans in push and it performs better that if they've been push pull or just push !!!! it might work i suppose well on 8350 thanks everyone

The Havik 140 is great, i've built a PC with that and the fans do some monster work, NZXT has some intelligent engineers and they never get the credit they should.  Noctua get's way too much credit, their fans are way overrated.  I personally like Noctua but i've found at least 10 better fans and another 10 better heatsinks.

lol i should probably edit that, but what i meant was that the deepcool go shot down from the start.  It probably could handle 4.6 no problem, just have to watch the voltage usage, lowest possible voltage on 4.6, but hey im able to get 4.5ghz on stock voltage with my 8350.  So it's not far fetched that the deepcool could handle such clock.  I'm probably lucky that i got a good CPU.

could always get better fans for it.  Not a fan of thermaltake fans, replaced mine right away on my Water 2.0 because they were loud.

should work pretty well if you do a push/pull config.  You'll probably get an extra 2-3'C plus the case will be cooler.  Also work out how air will travel, i find that just as important, if you can get as much air in and air out as fast as possible it will be just as benefficial as a good heatsink.