Deep Web

Hi all,

I would like to explore the Deep Web safely just out of curiosity, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I've seen a few youtube videos, but they made me paranoid more than anything. So before attempting anything, I was wondering if you could do a step by step guide to help the average user access this 90% of the internet that is hidden to the public. I'm currently using Windows 7 with the Avast Internet Security antivirus but should I need a separate firewall with a VPN ? So far, I've gathered that the safest way possible was to use a live linux distro called Tails and surf from there.

Thanks for your time,


When ever I have had a poke around the Deep web I have done so from inside a virtual machine and using the tor browser. A VPN might be good but my knowledge of the area is limited.

A word of caution, there is some seriously weird and illegal stuff there, ask yourself if your willing to risk a visit from the police. Also you will read some stuff that you can't unread, from experience this is not worth it.

Hope this helps.