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Deep Silver moving Metro Exodus to Epic store with a one year exclusive for the platform

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two days again


Fixed that for you…

My worry is this will become the norm.

Steam/Valve has significantly more money and could easily destroy Epic and other competing platforms, currently in existence or in the future, by forced exclusivity such as this.

I am not the biggest Steam fan and we need competition but this isn’t that. I predict this not going well for any involved especially the consumer.


Ahhh, I see my mistake now. I forgot for a second that the publisher always screws over the developer.


Yeah wasn’t calling you out or anything just pointing that out as a few people have been missing it.

I’ve seen people claiming it is a good thing as creators are getting more money but, as we have seen in the past, that is very unlikely. Great for publishers prob bad for devs.


Figured as much. :stuck_out_tongue: Initially I thought I made a spelling mistake but realized what I had done. x]


The funny thing is that this is going to cause massive losses.

The maths:
60 * 70% = 42 per sale (steam)
50 * 88% = 44 per sale (epic)

A $2 difference. In order to not lose out on money with this choice, they have to lose less than 4.5% (2/44=4.54545%) of potential sales.

And with the timing and the nature of the inconvenience, $10 is not enough of a discount to make it worth it for most people who were expecting a steam release.

The only other way they could make it out ahead is if Epic either offered a guarantee of some kind, or an even better cut, or a flat bonus, or a combination of those.

And for the goodwill they have just squandered away? Priceless.


I completely support Epic in the development and growth of their platform. I don’t mind it at all. Any exclusive they can get will inevitably help them grow.

What I don’t agree or like, though, is the decision Deep Silver took with this horse shit. Never mind the game. 17 days before one of the most anticipated games launches, with months of pre-order option on Steam, they decide to push it elsewhere. That is just bad fan base management. They definitely lost a few points on this decision in my book.

However, Valve had it coming. Their lack of customer care and lack of interest in customer opinion show and has been showing for a while. That DOTA2 money has them all coked up in a daze.
I hope what Epic is doing stings them and wakes them up. In the last few years Steam has barely progressed in any way, other than their Beta UI. Finding games on steam, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, but really want to play something new, is a terrible experience.

Every time I open Steam, I see the same games on my “featured and recommended” sections. The same games I don’t want to play. The same ones, just because I played a game in the same genre. Or even those I never have (looking at you slay the spire!)
There’s an exception to this every time a blockbuster game gets released, but I don’t give a shit about call of duty and the 12 editions of assassin’s shit with 4 of them being even more ultimate than the ultimate edition.
Valve needs a kick in the shin. And as they’re limping they need a kick in the other shin. And while they’re falling down, they need a knee to the nose. This ignorance has been going for too long and they need to change their ways.

Oh, and one more thing: the price for Metro on Epic is cheaper only in the US. Here in Europe it’s the same 60€ as it is on Steam. If people/media/publishers would stop treating the rest of the world outside the US as insignificant, that would be great.


The odder part still is that they have committed to maintaining supporting all of the other platforms still due to the existing pre orders. So this is going to cost them money, rather than being able to drop them and focus on one, then later release the more updated versions they now have to deal with multiple DRMs and store fronts, updating systems, DLCs and any thing else that goes with this.

It just does not seem like this was a hey that’s a good idea decision considering how late they left it. This is either a test or a collosal pay off.

And I cannot stress enough, FUCK TIMED EXCLUSIVES ON PC, we don’t need this shit.


It should already be best practice to wait for a year after release.


Seriously. A lot of us probably have a backlog with humble bundles and steam sales. I moved more of my PC and console purchases to a couple months after release. Even with that short time I have a better idea of what I am buying and can get it at half price.


Not only will you get the game cheaper, but all of the broken scheisse has hopefully been fixed.


Yeah, this is kind of sad though that it’s come to that state.


It’s easy to capitalize on people being impatient. That’s what Epic is hoping to gain from here.


or not buy it at all. also own all the other games and was looking forward to it =/


Perhaps they should take a look at the “succes” of the microsoft store… Its now how old and who ever got something on it?. Me i like GOG drm free and they keep giving me free games. And steam is not that great ok but it gives me no bs like ubi or bnet.


Well, according to microsoft, the store is getting a complete overhaul in the near future. But currently I agree it’s a terrible experience. Gog is completely fine, but I have too much games on steam to not be dissatisfied with their shit.


I’m unpleased because I really wanted to pay the full price i the game was fine. Up until now I’ve always waited for the games to get that ultimate/complete/goty/whatever edition with all updates patches and dlcs to go on on sale and then buy them. Mass defect andromeda was supposed to be a game changer for me, and after that shit show (I didn’t buy it fyi) I was hoping for Exodus and now I’m going to wait just like I’ve waited for every other game I ever bought (Gris, Rocket League and a few other are exceptions and totally worth their price)

Addendum: I’m not emotionally attached to games and what the publishers are doing. I’m not angry, just displeased with certain crap publishers are pulling. I’m not even that much of a gamer. I only play occasionaly. But I do love a good story and will replay a game and talk about it far and wide if it catches me.