Dedicated Workstation Build

I'm seeking advice on a dedicated workstation build. I need the build for CFD, FEA, CAD and numerical intensive computation. I currently looking at the Asus z10pe-d8 WS or Asus X99WS-E motherboards, Xeon E5 2620 or 2630 Processors, two ~500Gbt SSDs one for windows and one for linux, Memory must be ECC 32 - 64Gbt and Quadro card or a gaming GPU that can handle the workload. I already have an EVGA 1000 P2, 2Tb WD Red Pro HDD and Fractal Design Arc XL case which should fit the "z10pe-d8 WS mobo" as the base structure is the same as the Define XL R2. I'm interested to read what you all come up with. Thanks


In any case I would opt for a dual cpu board over a single.

Your case however doesn't have any fans where the cpu's will be (near the top of the case). Make sure to get a 5.25 to 120mm fan adapter for the bays as those two cpu's need a lot higher speed air moving directly into them. Even then one cpu will blow into the other if the fans aren't turned vertical.

Sorry, I forgot to list the fans. I currently have the three 140mm fans that came with the case and four Corsair SP120mm quiet edition fans. I'm trying to stay under $3000 "if possible", but if I need to go over a little to get the machine I need then I might do it. Thanks emosun, for the input on the 5.25 fan bay adapter, I had no idea anyone made that kind of componet! I have to look into picking one up.

This part is not included in the $3000: Also, about six to eight months after the initial build is complete, I plan on installing a RAID card and picking up more HDDs. Any input on RAID cards and HDD section will be much appreciated.

Here is my build I looked at both of the motherboards you listed but I don't think that ether one of those boards support ECC memory.