Dedicated Streaming/Recording PC 8350

So I have an 8350 that I pulled from a friend's dying system that I know works and have tested myself to confirm it's liveliness.

I enjoy recording my gameplay for YouTube fun or even just to see my own gameplay and where I could improve. I also have streamed a bit but not much. Anyway the question here is, what should I accompany this cpu with to have a solid streaming/recording pc. I do have a psu, case, the cpu, and a standard hdd already. Just need to know what I should use for a gpu, ram if it makes a difference or not, and a boot ssd because I can't NOT have one. Thx

It depends on what your goals are.

Are you trying to record from another pc or source to this one or do you want to record the display of this pc, on this pc.

If the first, my recommendation is picking up one of the Black Magic Intensity pros (this one supports 4k) and getting a hard drive (or drives) that have fast enough speed to record to them. I'd recommend you get something like the WD Red's or the HGST NAS drives. You shouldn't really need a powerful GPU for recording. If you plan on streaming and want to use the GPU to help offload real-time transcoding, I'd get something like an R9 380 or a GTX 960 for that. You shouldn't need more for streaming. (obviously, right now waiting for pascal and polaris is probably worth it)

Hope that helps.