Dedicated PhysX with AMD card?

So I was wondering if it is possible as of now? I've seen various mods but they are pretty old and I was wondering if anything up-to-date works? Or do the old drivers still work?

My AMD card is HD7850 and I'm not entirely sure on the old Nvidia card but I think it is a Geforce series card

NVidia still uses the GeForce series. The full name of the current series is the GeForce GTX 600 series. So, when you say it's a GeForce card, it can be anything from GeForce 256 (1999) to a GTX 690. PhysX will only work on GeForce 8000 series or later, but if you're using anything that old, it better be high end (for the time), or don't bother.

With that said, I don't think the modern drivers work. You can try it, but in the worst case, you can still use PhysX on the CPU.

Ah I see, well I think it is a high end Geforce 8000 series. If the drivers won't work, then I guess I'll do without. The main reason I wanted a dedicated PhysX was to take the load off my CPU so I could record the gameplay aswell xD Thanks anyway!

well, please share you results. I'd be interested to know if it still works. I had a dedicated physX card once, but that was wtih my 570 (650 was the PhysX), but the only game I played that utilized PhysX was Metro. But I never played that nearly enough to justify getting a dedicated card (good thing I got it in a trade). Not nearly enough games supported PhysX either.

Personally, I wouldn't bother with PhysX.

I agree not many games play it, but I have a spare card sitting around from a recent upgrade so I think I'll give it a shot! I play Warframe and Borderlands 2 (both have PhysX) so I think it'll be interesting :)

I have two 9600 GTX's from Nvidia and back when they were considered to of the line cards i would run them in SLI with one of them doing Physx. Those were the days.....