Dedicated pc to stream console>twitch

gaming on my xbox hooked up with DVI and a mixamp(toslink).   I'm looking for a build, preferably under or around 800.   I don't care to game on it..just stream.

I was going to go with, but I know I can build my own for much cheaper.


This will be my first ever PC build.  

For 800 bucks you can build a solid streaming system. I don't have the time ATM to give you a suggestions other thant build it yourself rather than Ibuypower.


I don't understand. You want to spend $800, which is more than enough for a gaming PC, just so people can watch you play on inferiour hardware?

He(she?)'s talking about a computer to Stream, not watch streams.

You could build a gaming PC for $800 that will play any game on Ultra @ 1080P. BF3, Black Ops 2 etc. 

Pretty much what anarmy pig said. didnt grasp the console bash I've been spacey lately.


I agree.

He needs a great streaming CPU and that is the FX 8350 if I am correct, a good SSD, some cooling and an just an ordinary GPU not for hardcore gaming. If he wants only to stream well, lets get the big boys for it. Even thought I am not sure if GPU is also very important just for streaming...

Find a 570 on ebay if that's too rich for your blood. This will stream just about anything you could want.