Dedicated OS SSD

I'm running my OS and games off a 500GB SSD, but I was considering switching my OS to a small SSD and running two 500GBs in Raid 0 for the games, with back up to a Raid-box. 


Does anyone run a dedicated OS SSD and do you feel there is a benefit in compartmentalising in that way?

As an early adopter of SSD's, I've used an SSD for OS and core programs since getting them. Entirely for the reason of that if the SSD died or I needed to reinstall the OS I wouldn't have to worry about some programs/games/media etc.

Although with the reliability (using the same one for 3 years now) I think the argument for them failing any quicker than a HDD is invalid now.

Sure you'd free up some space but I wouldn't say it is worth it anymore.

I have an 128 GB SSD as a OS drive, and a 256 GB SSD for my games and stuff, also a third SSD for backups etc.

After BIOS/POST, the system starts up in about 6 seconds. Games load extremely fast.

When I test my latest build of Priboi Story Overhaul, and I have to start a new game, it takes maximum of 10 seconds to be ready. Levels loads very quickly in Lost Alpha, and stuttering is next to none.

Having two SSD's in Raid 0, would certainly increase speed, as long as the CPU, and RAM are up to par :)

To begin with I had a Kingston V300 SSD as OS drive, and my 150 GB WD Raptor (10K RPM) as Data drive, and I found that the Raptor HDD was a bottleneck in the system. Also the Kingston SSD is not one I would recommend. I am very happy with my 2 Crucial MX100 SSD's they are much faster, and more stable than the Kingston SSD.

Cheers for the replies, guys. I had a Samsung 120gb fried by a PSU, and the store gave me an MX100 500gb to replace it. I also have two 250g Samsungs and and am due another 500gb MX100. I was considering running my OS from another 120GB Samsung and running the MX100s in the Raid 0 config for gaming. Then another Raid 0 set p with the 250 Samsungs for other stuff.


I've really not decided yet though. I like the idea of an ultra-fast 1TB drive for my games, but it might be overkill.