Dedicated Gaming Server?

The idea is to have a dedicated server for gaming, what is the best way to run multiple servers on the same system but run the best way, how much ram is really necessary for running multiple servers at the same time? How about a processor? What we have no is a single core AMD CPU but i know it will not run that good so what should we get thats cheap and can do what we want it too?

you would want to virtualize  it. 

Take a look at the or Dell C1100s (~300ish dolalrs on ebay) And look at i getting Coloed at a datacenter it's usually not to bad if you go with some one like but over all you can host a ton of servers on that box (Dual l5520s and a bunch of ram) just setup a KVM virtualation with SoulsVM ProxMox or something like

It would be better to run it all in the one os so then you dont have multiple oporating systems hogging resourses.

It really depends on the hypervisor and hardware, if you are using a OpenVZ hypervisor with a VT-d instruction set there is almost no difference, all of the allocations are dynamic so there i really not wasted hardware, also it's  almost no different from running it on OS level if you are using VT-d

So what is everyone saying for the best solution, i can install windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit or 32-bit so if i install that, i could just get the servers and run them all on the computer or most of them since this will only be a dedicated game server, nothing to large or fancy or too expensive, i would just think upgrading the hard drive and RAM and CPU then i would be good and get a couple NIC cards for gigabit connections

No sense running windows as almost all dedicated servers for games have a linux version. You need a lot less hardware to run it on linux.


What version of linux?

Ubuntu 12.04 Server edition.  It's called something like that.

I honestly dont like the ubuntu servers because the whole thing is command line and even if i install the desktop i dont have any of the server features in the desktop!