Dedicated encoder gpu in Ubuntu 2204

Hey guys first time here and after a fair bit of research on encoders I figured i would post here and see what I can learn from you all.

I do a bit of game cature for youtube and I am wanting to stream, however I have had far from good luck with the ffmpeg vappi hardware encoder.

After seeing the A380 with the av1 encoder and the price, can i run it as a hardware encoder in ubuntu while using my RX 5700 XT for gaming and other tasks or is it a whole other can of worms

Any insight and knowledge is appreciated

I just finished watching an LTT video on the new Intel video cards. To answer your question, no, you won’t be able to use any of Intel’s graphic cards as an encoder in Ubuntu. The reason why not Intel only supports version 6.0 of the Linux kernel, and they have no interest in making them compatible with version 5.0 of the Linux kernel. I don’t stream, so I can’t suggest an AMD or Nividia alternative, but I bet @FurryJackman could. Hey, @FurryJackman, could you give a fellow forum member a hand with his issue?

I find it funny that the 2 heads of the arc project touted linux compatability with the gamers nexus videos, but then its only verson 6 of the kernel. I guess this is me being old but I prefer a well seasoned kernel. Thanks for the info on that @Shadowbane at least I didnt just run out and buy a a380 off the bat

NVIDIA NVENC is superior support vs anything using VA-API at the moment.

Better to wait for Ada Lovelace mid-range.

Your welcome, @Brony1984; as I mentioned in my previous post, I just finished watching the video I linked to this post when I found your thread.

Thanks, @FurryJackman, for your two cents. I, and @Brony1984, am thankful for your input. However, I have a quick question, @FurryJackman, do AMD graphic cards have anything like Nividia NVENC? I ask because I am thinking of switching to AMD. After all, while the performance Nividia 4090’s bring to the table is excellent, I can’t justify spending 1,000 dollars for what Nividia will be asking for the lower-performing 4080.

Yeah I dont think nvidia is going to be consumer friendly even with mid teir Ada. AMD does have the amf encoder, however it never has held up to NEVNC in terms of raw performance.

Do have an old 960 setting in a box that I could poke around with even though from what i remember it wasnt all that great with the encoder out of the box, more as a proof of concept than anything.

If I have to purchase a new graphics card for my old build, I probably will buy a new Nividia 3080 or 3070. I use Kdenlive and OBS to create my videos, and both programs offload some workflows to the GPU instead of using the CPU.

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