Deciding whether to buy 8350 or not

I have enough money to buy a FX 8350 and some thermal paste to replace  my old Phenom 965 oc @ 4.0 ghz. I was wondering would this upgrade boost FPS perfomance in games? And the Graphics card that I Currently have is a Zotac Gtx 560 non-ti at stock voltage and clock speed.

For a GTX 560 it wouldnt make much of a difference, if you plan on upgrading the GPU in the future it would definitley benefit anything over a 7870 though.

i would upgrade your gpu before upgrading the cpu, the phenom is still good

I had a Q8400 @ 3.2 with a Gigabyte GTX560 and sold my gpu to a frend that has a FX8150. On his mashine he had almost double the frames that i had. Although the 965 (stronger than a q8400) is  still an awesome cpu you would se benefits from geting a 8350. But if i had that 965 i wouldnt change a thing.

P.S dont pair any stronger card than you already have with that cpu.


Sorry for my bad English

aight do you about how much of a frame rate increase would you think i would get in lets say crysis 3 right now on high settings im getting about average 35 frame per second but i put an fps lock at 30 for stability reasons and thanks for the reply XD!

P.S. Your english is just fine

If you are having no problems with other games exepct crysis 3 leave it be i have a FX8350 & GTX660ti and the frames are terible on that game. (somone didnt optimise something). 

As i can only write from expirience (as i wrote in my former post) Going from a Q8400 @ 3.2 to a standar clocked FX 8150 in BF3 the bigest jump was in the min FPS from lets say 15fps on a Q8400 to 45fps on the FX8150. If you would upgrade from a 965 to a FX8350 you would se big improvement in games that use more than four cores like BF3 (there arent many games that use more than four cores). In any other game that uses 2-4 cores there would be no signifisant improvement. If you can aford it go for a 8350 (no downside from geting it, as you already have a capable board?) and later on you can add a better GPU. Seems logical to me ;) Cheers

dont bother save for the end of the year and grab the new AMD chip