Deciding on a cpu for a future upgrade of my moms pc

OK i have decided to upgrade my mom's pc when i can afford to,cause her pc is getting outdated.this is her current pc (

i had once added an 8500gt to it,but the it blew 3 of it's 4 caps,so i had to get her a new video card, i bought her a 7750 i also upgraded the PSU with this one i had lying around

And i have been trying to decide of some cheap upgrades for her,on the amd side i could go for a x4 965 BE or a FX-4170,and on the intel side i could get a G2120 or an i3-2100.

But keep in mind my mom keeps her pc for a long time,like the one she has now,she had had for 3-4 years,and was just going to keep using it even if i did not decide to upgrade it for her,also yes i know i will need new mobo and ram.

Also if it helps she uses it for websurfing,writing a book,listening to music,watching movies,and some gaming,but the most intensive game she will be playing on it is Diablo 3.

Also i had another idea,i have an 8150 rig right now,and the FX-8350(whould be coming out in the next few months) is looking really good,mabye i should save up and get myself the 8350,and get my mom a cheap AM3+ and ram,them give her my 8150.

What do you guys think i should do?

well if she can wait for you to get the fx 8350 just do that and get here like a $60mb and $20 of ram and she will have a nice system for 4 or 5 years 



I foresee another disappointment from amd

-disappointed amd fan


your mom will be impressed with not only the speed but by the fact that its newest chip by intel and it uses less power than her previous rig, 55w, it also performs better than the 955 or 4100 and they use like 120w




I don't think i will be disappointed with the 8350,i had bought my 8150 back when it was still $250,and i did not regret it,and was not disappointed in fact i love it.

Also i forgot to put in the post i would really prefer AMD cause my uncle works for them.

I sure am considering a $70 dual core beats a your 8 core in games, I sincerly do hope amd gets it right but I don't think it will, they need to focus on their CPUs individual core performance, not throwing a bunch of poor performing ones on one die, intel did that with the pentium D, didn't fan out too well for them so they actually inovated, (thanks to amds tough competition) the amd cpu is fine 

Well i am not cause because i am hard on my pc, a lot of the time i don't close stuff,and i have had google chrome with 15+ tabs,along with 15+ programs running at the same time,plus i end up forgetting those are running and start playing a game,and with that much running i have played BF3 and no real fps drop.

The cpu i had before this was a q9450 and it the system would slow to a crawl if i was running the same amount of stuff.

which 70$ dual core beats a 8350 in games? or even 8120 for that matter and which games? from the benchmarks I've the seen the 8120 goes toe to toe with 2500k in games

the G850, I posted benchmarks, in games that don't use more than 2-4 threads the G850 beats it, in games that use more the 3570K beat it

that was more to prove the point that amd needs to step up their game a 70 dual core shouldn't beat a 8 core in ANYTHING whether it uses 1 thread or 8

The amd cpu is only going to get better over the next few years when more programs/ games are muti threaded.

I agree with you,plus i don't want to buy a dual core and have to upgrade it down the road,and yeah i could buy a better ivy bridge, when the dual core is not enough,but by the time that happens i bet ivy bridge will be obsolete and what ever new stuff that is out then,will likly be on a new socket, and i would end up having to get a new mobo.

8120 is just like the 2500k

Good video

Also forgot to add 8120 is a really good chip, for gaming but better for normal use.