Decent VPN's for torrenting in regards to speed

Hi all,
I've been looking for a VPN to get full speed for my torrents.
Does anyone know which ones are considered the fastest?
I only need the bare minimum encryption to get past the speed throttling that my isp enforces until 2am.
Sorry for making a thread so similar to all the others, but i simply don't know where to start with all these VPN's that don't really offer free trials.
All opinions are welcomed! come and tell us how you are liking your current VPN?
Thanks all.

A rule about heavy encryption is that it will slow the speed down, the more encryption the slower it is but waiting a little longer for something aint so bad, but you aint fully clear if you use a VPN , and I use a VPN so don't get me wrong but if you wanna feel a little securer and be some securer give up some time for a good heavy encrypted VPN. But some VPN's can be just slow because of bad providers tho. just something to think about .

happy torrenting!

I'm currently using Cyber Ghost, its ok but I would like something faster. Many of their servers don't allow torrenting but many do. I personally find it easier to use a seedbox. You use a web based torrent client and a server downloads the torrent which you would then ftp down to your computer. Charter started throttling my torrents, but not ftp so this is perfect for me. The service I use is called Dedi Seedbox. It's like $15 a month for gigabit torrenting to the server.

Thanks for the input i'll remember this when i'm looking for a soloution.

A seedbox sounds perfect for what i need. Although $15 a month looks a little expensive compared to a private internet access yearly account $50 or so (Australian dollerydoos).

no problem yo! that is why TOR is so "slow" it is because it is heavily encrypted and bouncing between exit nodes and stuff.

I use TorGuard, I'm pretty happy with it.

  • In Australia - shit line speed of 6.4 down <1 up (no VPN), 6.5 down 1 up (Australia VPN)
  • VPN - PureVPN
  • When torrenting I usually go through Sweden or Netherlands (PureVPN have heaps of p2p servers).
  • PPTP w/128bit encryption results in 5.5 down <1 up. PPTP w/256 bit encryption 5.5 down <0.5 up

So yeah you have to expect a bit of a hit when the tunnel is encrypted.
Usenet..... shhhhhhhh its a secret.

Private internet access and turn up the encryption and still getting 5-10mB/s (depends on time of day). Only have to wait a few minutes for 1080p movies.

Alright fellas! I just went and bought a year subscription to private internet access. I'm pretty happy with it so far! I live in Australia and was pretty happy to see that they have a sydney and a melbourne server. I have been able to utilize almost my full 30 megabits, getting around 25-ish over torrents during peak times.

But that's an american based company though, wouldn't trust any amercian VPN provider. I use and they have a great transparency.

I use Astrill, it matches my ISP speeds every time. They have some really advanced features that many VPN's don't, like port forwarding. If you purchase the dedicated IP option (highly recommended) you get every port to use (opened). They also have a VPN sharing option which is great!

I use TunnelBear. It seems nice. Haven't had any issues with speed while streaming. Haven't torrented anything in a long time though, so I can't really speak on that.

I Use Ipredator it's in sweden. Im in Australia so my internet is crippled but the VPN works as fast as I can do.

I guess it goes without saying but dont use a US based company for torrenting however.

All the government wants is all the data so dont give it to them where they can get at it.

International data storage will be interesting this decade. The UK has lost the plot as well.

This! ^, To the people that say they don't trust an American company, well I can't blame you, considering anything .com is considered "American" and thus must adhere to US laws or be ceased by us gov...but they "say" they don't log, so...who knows. But with the rise of steaming sites for things you can't get legally by buying from hulu, netflix, seems your liability from watching on these sites is far less than using a torrent, as punitive damages seem to be mitigated. At least this is my interpretation, any more knowledgeable legal experts please chime in.

My logic says torrent you share = Punitive, Stream you don't, only liable for the single stream...I could be totally wrong.

Too much necro.