Decent slideshow videos software

Does anyone know of a good slideshow video creation software? I am tasked with creating one for my sister’s wedding.

I tried shotcut, but I couldn’t find a way to add the slow zoom filter to all photos in the time line. I could only copy and paste effects to one photo at a time and/or apply a filter to only one photo at a time. That would take a while with 100 photos.

There is a program called imagination that is pretty close, but doesn’t have any motion affects for the photos themselves while being displayed.

I was going to say Pro Show, which we used for weddings when we worked In photograph but it doesn’t seem to be around anymore

But it was excellent

Easiest way to do it imo is with a video editor. Tho I’ll give you a cheap effective cheat.

Go online get an old ass app from the xp days called picasa. Its probably still around but the windows 7 version was ass and I doubt it got better.

Get the winxp version of picasa, dump your photo’s, and if I remember theres something under the alt button menu for making a slideshow. The only reason I recommend this is because picasa had the best slideshow tool I hda ever used.

I would cun picasa in linux under wire. It’ll run fine.

Otherwise, get whater video editor, I like linux and kdenlive or olive, and put together your slide show! Drop all your photo’s into the clip box, put them in order, make certain pictures pop up longer or shorter, burn to dvd.

Good luck.

You can use any video creator for this such as Adobe Premier or any other. I personally make my short tiktok videos directly in the app. For me, that’s simply easier and more comfortable because tiktok app already has many tools for editing, many transitions, and filters to use after you make the video. Moreover, it saves me time which I really value. At least, it works this way for me and my business which already becomes successful, due to the fact I also use SocCeleb which helps me gain followers and views on my videos, works perfectly especially for those who need fast growing and popularity.