Decent Shotgun Mic for around $50?

My brother and me are trying to start up a youtube channel playing games (ya like everyone else). We've been looking into Microphone solutions that we can use that has minimal background noise as my brother is super adamant on wanting to not hear the click clacking of our controllers.

He has some cheapo dynamic mics that he uses in his band which does a pretty good job at blocking out the sound but we basically have to be mouthing the things for it to pick up any sound. Besides that it forces us to sit in awkward uncomfortable positions.

Been looking at shotgun mics as they appear to only pick up noises its pointed at which would be great as then we could have it pointing at our faces and not have to be mouthing it.

So whats a decent enough shotgun mic that will satisfy our needs? Something preferably that is around $50? There is a very small amount of wiggle room money wise.