Decent pair of Active/Powered Bookshelf Speakers ~$200 or under

As the title indicates, I'm looking for a pair of decent sounding active (powered) speakers for approximately $200 or less for my computer.  I would prefer 3 way, but I know that for the price point that's probably not going to happen.


Anyone have any suggestions?

I should probably have specified that I'd like a minimum woofer size of 4" and a maximum of 8".  Nothing huge, but not a tiny little 5W set either.

I use audioengine A2's. You can pick the + version with a built in DAC for $50 more. They sound pretty good.

Thanks for the advice.  Looks like a pretty solid offer.  I'm gonna stick with the A2 since I plan on running them off of my onboard audio along with a subwoofer.

That's exactly what I do. I have a 3.5mm cable running from my computer to the A2's, then an RCA to RCA cable to my subwoofer. It's a great combo.

Good luck.

+1 on the audioengines. 

M Audio AV 40 might be something to look at.  Seems to fit your requirements and only run around $120.  I have a friend that uses them for music creation.  They sound pretty solid (what little I've heard from them) and he swears by them.  They're monitors, so they shouldn't color your audio at all (though, some people don't prefer that I should point out).

Well it depends what you listen to, and how you want to here. If you want a very flat sound, I would buy some nice Studio Monitors like the M-Audio BX5-D2's, or if you want a lot of bass and great sound mids and highs, I would go with the Harmon Kardon Soundsticks III which have a separate subwoofer and 2 tower speakers.