Decent mobo for my new upgrades?

I actually used on of these in my friend's build and it seems to be working great for him. I'm basically getting this because of the decent cost and also because it seems roomy enough to crossfire a 5850 and a 5830. 

I wanted to get the fastest ram possible, and this supports 2133 but OC'd? So does that mean if I just buy stock 2133 speed memory and slap it in there it wont work? Can someone explain that to me because it's confusing me.

Also, in terms of ram sticks, would it be better to get 2 sticks or 4? 

Get the 2133 RAM, and go into the BIOS and manually dial in the speed and timings (or select the XMP profile, if supported). By default RAM will run at 1866 or less, depending on CPU.

If you're going to OC, 2 sticks are better. If not, it doesn't really matter.


the OC means that to reach that speed you will have to overclock (go into bios and tell it to run at 2133) . If you buy the 2133 RAM and throw it in it will still work, it will underclock itself to run at 1866 instead.

2 or 4  stick is your choice, id personally just get 2 with that board, that would then leave 2 free for any furture upgrade in ram.

So it will underclock to 1866? I'm most likely going with a vishera for this build.

Yes, as that is max officially supported speed for the inegrated memory controller. However, you have the option to manually dial in the RAM's official speed settings in the EFI ("overclock"), or, provided both the RAM and motherboard support XMP, just select the 2133 XMP profile.

So basically if I buy 2133 I just have to go into the bios and manually enter the speed, voltage, etc?

Purtty much... Should be easy since you already know what should be stable. If XMP (eXtreme Memory Profile) is supported, just select the 2133 profile. XMP is like pre-configured settings for RAM.

Awesome. I cant wait to get the money for it.

If I can buy it sometime soon, I'll just end up using the free ram that comes with it until i can afford the actual memory I want to buy.