Decent lightpainting app? "Flashlight" alternatives?

Hey all, I want to do some more light painting but the apps I've ran across are garbage... Any recommendations?

Here are some shots I just did in my backyard ha

I don't think it is possible to do on most smartphones as the camera exposure time/shutter speed can't be controlled by software. Most of the apps try to fake the effect in software and the result is usually pretty bad. I think your gonna have to just go with a camera that has an adjustable shutter speed.

@crackthezer0, I'm pretty sure he is not shooting on a phone.

@hutchison15, I don't understand. What is that app supposed to do?

You'd be surprised, nowadays. But I'm using my Sony A7 for these shots. I recommend checking out this Manual Camera app if you haven't already. The dev even made a separate app to make sure its compatible with your device.

I need something that displays a specific color in different shapes and colors for long exposures.

I spent a long while last night trying to find something, the best I could find is probably "SpriteBrush Pro"

Some of the alternatives were riddled with ads, limited functionality, unstable and just generally poorly done.

How about making a few PNG images instead of searching for an app.
That way you can have any shape and color you want.

Oh that's not a bad idea, actually. :thinking:

Would using the Adobe capture app to make some vectors then photoshopping with them do the trick? It's just a theory, I've never tried it

Thanks for clearing that up. I didn't understand what you were trying to accomplish.

if we are talking about drawing apps for mobile I use this

Naw man DSLR is out of vogue we all are using iPhone 4's now isn't it obvious?