Decent IP cameras

I live in a not so savory part of town and have been hearing some weird sounds that can’t be explained by the upstairs neighbors, so I’m looking to buy some IP cameras, preferably POE and small. Wondering if anyone here has already experimented with this.

There was a thread recently about this topic, within the last month I believe. I’ll see if I can find it.
@Leon_the_Loner The thread I was thinking of didn’t have any relevant info, sorry.

There’s a lot of badging going on at the lower end of IP PoE security cameras and now Hikvision may be moving away from the consumer market I’ve been recommending the Reolink range of cameras to friends. I’m currently using 2 external and 1 internal (with motion trigger) recording to a QNAP NAS. They are supported by the major NAS suppliers or they do a dedicated NVR recording packages or just recording to SD cards locally.

Worth a look anyway as they are backed up with decent Apps and Windows clients. Their 1440p standard camera res is massivly overkill to be honest as I set them to 720p 4fps to save bandwidth. Quality and especially night vision is very good.

They are robust cameras so maybe not small enough if you are after hidden survelance in which case I’m sure someone else will come along with some recommendations.

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