Decent Chromebook for $200-300 for Linux toy?

Anyone have any Chromebook suggestions around the $200-$300 price range they'd suggest for a linux toy?

That's really all, thanks.

i have an ACER C720. it is pretty great. (using it now actually) it is only $199

the RAM can't be upgraded (comes with 2 gigs) but the M2SSD can be. (comes with 16Gigs). there are videos on youtube regarding upgrades, and Linux installs. 

there WAS a 4Gig RAM version for $249, but they no longer sell it. you can get a 32GIG SSD version for $249 though. 

i really like it.

that sounds cool, I don't know how chromebooks meet spec, so I was hoping for something like 4GB of ram or expandable ram at least, and that SSD upgradability is awesome since M2 is taking over mSATA more or less.

I haven't looked too closely, but it seems most only have 2 GB of RAM.

You could also consider getting a cheap non-chromebook laptop, possibly a refurbished one, for ~$300.

That's the thing, I see Chromebooks that generally have much better quality components than the cheapo craptops, and I like the 11in display idea for something to tote around with an external harddrive for an OTG linux box

I have the HP 14" Chromebook using Xubuntu and I love it. I mainly take it to school so I can do my work there. It has the same spec's as the Acer C720 but is around $300. For me the extra screen was worth the money and it's worked out great. Sooner or later I'm going to buy a new SSD because 16GB is not enough, so I use an SD card now for big files and games.

I prefer the smaller 11in size because I have a 15in laptop that I want to put two 2TB 2.5in drives in and possibly replace the wifi card with mSATA and this laptop is a little too big for the means of what I want the chromebook for, pretty much for it's intended use, but also for testing linux kernels out for OTG use.

obviously windows adds to the cost. there is a C710 (predecessor to the C720). it comes with a 320Gig HDD and 1 stick (2 RAM slots, so 1 free) of 2Gig RAM (as opposed to the C720s 16Gig SSD and soldered RAM).  you can get one refurbished for like $140-$180. ive seen people put SSDs/upgrade RAM.

That looks sweet, so everything in that is upgradable as far as ram/storage goes? Do you know if there's a touch screen model? Just wondering for purpose of possibly testing out touchscreen interfaces or for future touch optimized distros. Also, hows battery life? cause since the c720 is haswell arch it likely will have much better battery life, and that's my main interest in the chromebook because of how low-power they can be.

for that, you will want the Acer C720p. it is $299 and that extra $100 gets you 32Gigs SSD and a touch screen. but the RAM is soldered.

and yeah, the Haswell gets me at LEAST 5 hours battery time. right now im at 54% with 4:22 Remaining lol way better battery life than a standard laptop. i mean, i spent $199 for a brand new one. it is an EXCELLENT value for what it is. 

it can even play skyrim apparently lol

(not sure if the 2Gig could handle that. i did see a used 4GIG one on amazon for $279)

c710, you dont need that touch  screen.

also found a manufacturer refurb C710 with 4GIGs for $191

and you could pop a 7mm SSD in it.


Niice, I found my local CanadaComputers sells them for cheaper than this actually, and after taxes and without paying duties its about the same price as these guys

Yeah, I saw this one, and I saw a version for like $20-$50 more that has upgradable ram. I'm just a little hesetant that it's M2 storage as far as I can tell, I may be wrong, and I like M2's potential it's just very limited and expensive for upgrade atm I believe.


well, here is a vid to help you if you get the C720

and M.2 sata SSDs can be found here. $60 for 64Gig. $100 for 128 Gig. (same one the guy uses)

oh nice! now its up to canadian availability then aha :c

it's not the need for it, it's the sake of having it for potential touch optimized kernels to test and try out. Plus it'd be like an ultimate-teir of tablet if this had a touch screen. Like a tablet running linux or something.

oh yeah, i forgot you were in Canadia :P best of luck! let us know what you finally end up doing :)

Does anyone here own the Samsung one with the ARM processor? I was thinking about getting that one and install a Linux distro on an SD Card.