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Decent chair that is available in the UK

I need a new task chair for my computer. Reading reviews all the good ones are either extremely expensive (Herman Miller etc.) or not available to buy in the UK. Even the guides by UK companies are all linking to out of stock Amazon products.

Can anyone recommend a good one?

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I’ve bought a few Steelcase Lets B task chairs off ebay for £100 - £200 over the years. You can usually find them re-conditioned with new covers.

Here’s one:


Not being funny, but have you looked at the ergonomic claims by some gaming brands?
Noble hairs has worked to make their lines pretty much work safe.
Not sure about prices used or new, but I wouldn’t dismiss them as a gimmick.
I have one, and I only spend 12 hours a day on the weekend on it, not 9 hours a day during the week, but I appreciate the firmness of mine, and the adjustable lumbar support, and raisable arm rests.


Thanks guys. This is what I’m looking for, some hints about comfortable chairs that I can actually buy instead of the paid shills on review sites.

The Steetcase one looks good. I worry a little about referb ones being wonky but I guess if it’s no good I can send it back. The price seems very good for a decently adjustable chair. No adjustable lumbar support but other than that…

I should have gotten this one when I needed a new chair, but I completely forgot about the brand and got a DXRacer instead. The DXRacers (and literally every other “gaming chair” under the sun because spoiler alert: they all come out of the same factory) are not “bad”, but they’re not a “real” office chairs either. If you’re going to sit on it all day you might be looking for something that is certified for a work space environment.


Not available in the UK… Also “” LOL did they just pick a few buzzwords and rebrand someone else’s chair?

Last chair I bought (about a year ago) was from, it was an iTask 24-7 High Back Posture Office Chair

As you are likely aware chairs have their own rating system (based on number of hours use) so I ended up getting a 24/7 one. Best decision I ever made. This thing is sturdy and has all the adjustments I could ever need.

Cost was around 250.00GBP at the time.

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Thanks Aast. I found it for 250 somewhere else. It looks pretty good. Was there some reason you went for that one or were you just looking for a 24/7 with that chiropractor approval stamp?

I ask because they have a few others that look good. I like mesh if available.

I wonder about a high back or headrest too. I never feel like I’m missing having upper back support but I’ve never had a chair with it. The main issue I have is slipping down the chair so the lumbar support ends up in the wrong place, and having it go a bit wonky after a year or so.

I’m going to have to look at this as I need a new chair as well (also U.K.). I literally don’t have one since moving, it can’t be good for me.

Except you can order directly from their website :facepalm: They don’t use distributors because it’s cheaper for customers to order directly from the manufacturer.

Uhm. For one thing, what does the company name have to do with the quality of the product? For a second, their first product was an robot assistant named maya, hence the name autonomous. They’ve since expanded into different fields and dropped the robots. And lastly, they make their own products and have been an established brand for years.

If you want any tips from anyone, get your head out your a**.

I chose the chair simply because it suited my needs. I’d previously gone through quite a few chairs so figured a 24/7 one should be far more robust; and turns out it is :slight_smile: I’m a software developer and tend to play games now and then, so somedays can spend a lot of time in the chair.

Personally I require a high back chair, otherwise I end up with shoulder and back problems. Wasn’t too fussed about a head rest but wouldn’t be without it now.

Should point out I’m 6’ and [was] 20 stone when initially purchased, and this chair has coped without any issues. It turns out the “Seat slide adjustable to the depth of the user’s body” has been especially useful for me as I have a loger than average thigh bone.

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Just need to consider potential VAT, import duty, and processing fee


EU Orders ship from the Netherlands so VAT and Import Duty shouldn’t be an issue. But either way that could be an issue for any purchase :wink:

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Oh do they that’s good to know then thanks

Yeah, at least that’s what it says in the shipping information :smiley:

Although of course that limits deliveries to whatever they have in stock in the Netherlands. All other products can be ordered and imported via mail though.

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Good to know though, they’re on my list.

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I have one of these and I really like it. I’ve had it for 8 years so far.

I had one of those ages ago. They are okay but don’t provide much support, no lumbar etc.

Thanks Aast, that’s really helpful. I feel more confident buying one now, it’s easy to get in a bubble from the reviews that say basically everything sucks if it doesn’t cost at least £800.

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Oh, but the stretchy cords conform to your personal topology :slight_smile: