Decent 23 inch gaming monitor without breaking the bank

im looking to get a decent 23 inch gaming monitor my max budget is 200 dollars i need it to fast a fast response time, a very good or excellent vivid display of colors, dvi and a hdmi port on it that runs at preferably 120hz but will get a 60hz one if it has 2ms or less response 

Check this out 1ms 60hz thin bevel. mmhmmm


I spent a few moments trying to find out what kind of panel it was using, since Asus is occasionally fond of shoving disappointing TN panels into things aimed at gamers. This one features a TFT panel, which is somewhat better, in my opinion, over a TN panel, although it does lack some of the saturation and color accuracy one would expect to find in an IPS display. Using two TFT panels myself, I can't say that I'm disappointed in their performance, I think they look very nice. I will, however, be purchasing IPS or it's comparable replacement technology when I purchase next.

thanks guys im going to order it once i get my next paycheck