Debian sound help?

Well I finally got sick of MS crap and decided to take the plunge into linux. Decided on Debian squeeze and ran it in a VM with no problems but when I did a full install I don't have any sound. I am running my sound to a receiver via s/pdif.

Something like sound should be a no brainer with an os but I have tried for hours researching and have had no success. Fresh install and ran into my first hurdle right off the bat. Very depressing.

If any of you linux guys/gals out there can help me shed MS by helping me at least fix this sound problem I sure would be grateful.

Thanks for reading

never mind. Right when I was ready to give up I got it. Admin can delete this if you want.


lol... let us know what it was in case someone else has the same issue.

under the alsa mixer I had to choose the hdmi card(not sure why, this was not the default) and check mark the IEC958 box under switches. At least that is what finally did it for me to enable my s/pdif out and hdmi out for that matter.