Debating on making a mini itx pc?

Hey guys so I bought a $900 prebuilt Hp in June and I'm contemplating on selling it.

It has a i7 3770 cpu, watercooler, 12 gigs of ram, 2tb storage, and 7770 ghz edition

The issue is that it has a lot of features that I don't use, such as a blueray drive, the ample storage, and the tv tunner.

I've been facinated in cheap mini itx videos like these, both of which use the same graphics card that I currently use.

If I use an x4 750k with a 7770 and 8 gigs of ram with an ssd, can I expect somewhat similiar performance on games like the Witcher 2?

Reason being is that I see I could make this small itx build for around $400, leaving me plenty of money to buy a laptop for college if I sell my old system on craigslist, any suggestions?

I'd say that is a fair assessment, but I'm not very familiar with how Witcher 2 taxes the system - all I know is it's pretty darn demanding. The only change I'd make is to see if you could spring for a 7790 instead. It's a noticable jump up from the 7770, without breaking the bank. As for the RAM, if you aren't going to run a bunch of programs in the background, I'd spring for some cheaper 4GB. You don't need a lot of fast RAM since the Athlon doesn't have an active integrated GPU to feed. I have 8GB in my system and rarely use more than 4GB - pretty much only when I'm gaming while having two or more web browsers open with multiple tabs. Plus RAM is easily upgradable down the road, so it doesn't hurt to see if you're fine with 4GB.

If you are using the new socket FM2 Athlon X4, then sure, that is a pretty good system for relatively non-taxing games. I've not played The Witcher 2, so I cannot say.