Debating between two different CPU's

Lets get things started, here is my full system specs. SYSTEM SPECS

My i5-4690k is overclocked to 4.5 GHz.

I do a lot of heavy cpu tasks, gaming, rendering; stuff of that nature. I am debating between the Xeon E3-1231V3B or the i7-4790k. Bc these processors are mostly the same, just the i7 is meant for overclocking. I'm just debating if the gain is really worth the extra $80~.

I currently have an R9 290. My monitors are only 1080p, 60Hz refresh. But I use the GPU for computational stuff.

What I want to know is that in what combination would yield me the best performance. For example, I was thinking about swapping out my i5 for the Xeon and picking up another R9 290. Or do you think I think I should just skip on that and instead pick up a 980ti or AMD Fury(keep in mind this is for things other than gaming)?

EDIT: By rendering, I render content that takes upwards of 4+ hours to complete. Thats why im concerned with hyperthreading. Because if I can gain more performance thats less time I have to wait.

I am curious as to why you think that you need to upgrade at all. What makes you think that your cpu isn't sufficient?

Bc my current CPU doesnt have hyperthreading.

Not having HT is no reason to upgrade.

If you need the extra performance (and most games don't), then maybe you might want upgrade but as it stands, I really don't think you should upgrade.

Have you performed any tests? Looking at your CPU usage during times when you think CPU utilisation is high?

I ran Folding at Home for 4 days straight on highest setting, and the CPU was only at ~80%. I've never really seen it go above that in games either. Only benchmarks and stress tests.

Stuff like GIMP doesn't take too long either.

Using Corel Video Studio, and rendering content from my Blue-Ray rips does take a hefty toll though. It takes my computer ~4 hours to render a 10GB video files in H.264 and even longer in H.265. Thats why im concerned with HT.

I don't see a reason to upgrade, unless you want to scale up what you are doing. There is no i7-4690K, but there is an i7-4790K. Which might actually be very good for rendering and what not, I've seen renders on a 4770K have times that absolutely destroy other computers. But I still don't know, I just don't see a reason to.

Rendering BD rips and other work takes time, that is already a given, there is no working around that. The difference from upgrading may not make a difference.

If you have the money, go for it, doesn't matter which.

Thanks I fixed the type, and thanks for the input.

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This may give you some insight:


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yeah well the 4790k will render faster then the i5 and xeon, depending on the rendering application you are using.
The 4790k is simply higher clocked out of the box, which means that it will also perform slightly better.
But im not sure if its realy worth it overall.
Or atleast if its realy worth it over the Xeon mainaly.

I think if you realy want to gain a significant in render times, then you might concider a 5820k maybe,
its the jack of all trades basicly.
But yeah that will cost you allot more cash.

Moving to an i7 or ht xeon would yield a bit of a boost but I would suggest selling off you cpu/mb/ram and moving to X99, you will still get very good money for your gear, but then again X99 parts are a bit steep $$$ wise.

4790k would be the best for ya, if you are looking to upgrade. The overclocking of the 4790k really gives it a good boost over the Xeon. BTW, i have a 4790k for sale if you decide on that :)

Thanks for all the input guys! Much appreciated :)

When you've already sunk all that money into it, I don't think it would be worth it. My recommendation would actually be to sell the cpu, motherboard, and ram, and then buy a 5820k, 16gb's of ddr4 (or more), and a cheapo x99 board. After the pay out from selling your old system, your aren't paying a ton more then just buying a 4790k. Plus your going to be gaining a ton more performance over a 4790k in your heavily multithreaded workload.

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