Death of the frame rate

I have a gtx 660 twin frozr. It's overclocked a tiny bit so I can see some slight increases in performance but this happens at stock clock as well. I'll be playing for a while and all of a sudden the screen goes black, when it comes back I'm rolling at 8-9 fps whereas I was at 60 fps before the black out. Any reason why this would be happening? I've seen some similar issues but my temp is absolutely fine, fan speed is running smoothly, the voltage is set to max allowance. The gpu clock is set to 30mhz above stock and the mem is set to 10 above. I know it's lame but for some reason it helps me, maybe it's placebo or something. Could someone tell me what's wrong with my graphics? Also the vram is about half right before this happens so it's probably not that either.

Possibly the drivers are crashing, do you get the same thing at stock clocks?

Usually drivers crash if OC is unstable

+1, Sounds like the drivers are crashing, My mates system does something like that when it's unsable.

check the web and see if theres any issue with your gfx bios. if so refresh it. if you have beta drivers then try using whql.

if you have manually set the votage then dissable manual voltage contropl and set your o.c back to stock. remove afterburner and all its residuals. reboot and hope your stable.



Yes I get the same thing at the stock clocks, albeit a little less quickly but it happens none the less.

I couldn't believe this because the temperatures never went far above 60 but it was in fact the temperature. Whenever the card would get to around 62C the frame rate would tank, messed around with the user control and now I'm fine.