Death/Doom Bands

After the melodic death metal thread, I went and searched the bands you guys recommended me. Thank you all! But this is the time for me to explore what other cool death metal sub-genres are out there. I started to find interest in Death/Doom. I'm starting to get into it after listening to a band called Swallow The Sun. I love the slow and melodic riffs and tempos this band has, I'm impressed.


So the question remains: What death/doom bands can you recommend me? I would enjoy bands that include elements of Melodic Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Symphonic Metal, Black Metal, Gothic Metal, Metalcore, and Funeral Doom.

So, what's out there?

Early Tiamat is pretty good on that front.  Wildhoney is one of the best progressive/doom albums I've heard, although it is a little after they dropped the death metal aspect.  The way they built the atmosphere in that album is absolutely incredible.  Another good band is Rapture out of Finland.

Anathema's early stuff is great as well.  I also highly recommend their newer prog rock stuff as well, although it's almost like listening to a different band.

Sweet, thanks!

Check out Cathedral.