Dear folks with a Corsair H110


Does anyone with the corsair h110 have the extra screws not used unless you have a socket 2011?

Corsair included 4 extra screws only used for the 2011 system, and I have lost mine. I have my stuff for a socket 1150 setup. But i got a crazy deal on a 2011 intel chip and got my board in today, and cannot find the screws, and cannot find where to purchase them online. Moral of the story, if anyone has the H110 and has those 4 2011 screws and would be willing to ship them to me for like the 2$ shipping plus 10 dollars, please let me know, have the 4970k and Asus x79 deluxe sitting here waiting for some screws,, and the 4930k didnt come with a stock heat sink so it is useless atm.

 edit : 4930k i put 4970 on accident

Bugger eh... if you are near any pc store chances are they have a heap of spares out the back. Depending on the builders out back if systems didnt need 'x' fittings etc they get turfed into a box. Thats what I used to do sometimes anyway. 

Umm what is a 4970k? I don't think any such part exists. At least not yet. Is it a Devil's Canyon i7? Because that would be LGA 1150 not 2011. 

Do you mean 4930k or 4960X? Because those are LGA 2011 parts. That being said 2011 CPUs don't come with a cooler. 

yeah i meant 4930k my bad

great idea, there is a micro center close to me, ill have to call

I called the nearest stores and they didnt have any :/

You probably could get the size, length and thread and order some screws from a fastener supplier.

It isnt just a screw unfortunately, Its a weird style snap in piece to the pumps fitting with a small screw on it