[Deal Over] Dell is selling 250GB SSDs for $20USD. (US Only)

SSD Sale Link

Also 250GB M.2 SSD for $30USD

Found it from reddit subreddit. I just ordered 2 right now. If this true and I do not wake up in the morning to find out this is an error, you should not pass this up if you need an upgrade to your PC or laptop.

I believe it is US shipping only so guys at Europe, you are out of luck.


Looks like it's probably a mistake. Lots of people reporting this same thing I'm seeing here. If you ordered some, they may very likely get cancelled so be aware.

Right now it's saying $20 off, making the price $79.99. Whoever bought these at $19.99 did one hell of a deal.


you're a good man for sharing

damn! too late

I would have bought like 5 of them.

Checked my email, and Dell never replied with a cancel order. I got it on time. Says my total order is $40 for 2 SSDs.


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