Deadzone Footage [Niceness]

Firstly, "Strategic Dismemberment"


I saw the one on the home page and it was cool, so I started looking for some other gameplay videos, and this one semed nicest to me

[url=]Click Here to see.[/url]

Whoa, I've never heard of this game but it looks awesome o_o. This oughta get the adrenaline going. Lol. I'd probably be freaked out after like 10 minutes of play.

the gameplay for this game looks exactly like the resident evil series, that over the shoulder view and the way the character aims and shoots, but in space.

hope this has co-op mode, would love to play this with my friend

im looking forward to this game more than re5

Yeah, seems really nice, and I like the storyline a lot [watched the online comics]