Dead Wi-Fi card?

I purchased a Tp-Link wifi card for my build 14 months ago (I don't remember the exact model). For a while, it worked fine, but lately it's been having issues keeping a constant connection to my router, and it's having issues with a decent speed (17 hours to download a 400 mb file, really?). The thing is, I have my Acer laptop right by my desktop and it doesn't have any connection issues at all. It stays connected, and my speeds are normal on it. None of the other computers, tablets, etc. in my home are have this issue, it's only my desktop.

Is it most likely my wi-fi card? If so, what good ones would you recommend?

Currently i'm looking at this:

Asus has been god to me with my wifi card. I have this It over kill right now but google fiber is coming my way in the next couple of months. Anyway I have never had problems with it. I put it in, installed drivers and haven't had to touch it since. I definitely recommend Asus wifi cards.