Dead SSD?

So my friends 120GB Corsair Force GT appears to have died but I want to be certain. I had already ordered him a new larger SSD for his work laptop so I got him set up again with his last backup which was just under a month ago fairly quickly but he says he has done a lot of work in the past month and really needs the data back if I can get it.

Shame we didn't upgrade his SSD a few days earlier as this wouldn't have been an issue!

So does anyone know if there is ANY way I can try to recover this thing again? Short of sending it to a Data Recovery centre which is looking like what I will be doing if nothing comes up.

I have connected the drive to my PC for now, it doesn't show up in BIOS and obviously Windows, it may as well be a potato as far as my PC is concerned.

Thanks for any help!

Data recovery centre will be your only viable option. Just have to weigh up the costs unfortunately. Make a habit of backing up important files to a remote device as often as practically possible or put stuff in the cloud.

I've had  both a dodgy HDD and dodgy SSD that will no longer show up in bios or windows, however when mounted with a SATA to USB adapter they work fine, well the SSD only works for five minute intervals, but it's fine for smaller file retrieval. Definately worth a shot.

I had a dead SSD once which I was able to fix by flashing new firmware on than then formatting. Nothing happened after I upgraded the firmware so I'm not sure if that helped or not but after formatting it started working fine again. But if it's not showing up in the BIOS then you may not be able to flash the firmware anyway.