Dead space (original) doesn't launch :'( (Solved)

Yeah... I don't get an error message, all I get is my loading cursor then nothing. I've tried running it in compatibility mode, If you tell me to update windows, drivers ETC I will beat you to death with a penny :)

My current specs

Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

AMD FX 8320 @ 4.4ghz

Radeon 7850 2GB (x2)

8GB DDR3 2133mhz

Asus Xonar DS soundcard

(some other non PC part stuff)

Hmm, It could just be the horribleness of Origin, but I'm not an expert.

I did think that, I contacted EA support... but it's EA so essentialy they said we took your money no fuck off.

yeah ea is shit did you get the humble bundle 


Maybe try deleting the local content and redownloading it.

just give it a few days and it should be fine.  Origin is shit but so was Steam during their early days.  Though i'm not advocating EA is great but this is early stage shit.  There's always bound to be problems.

if not humble bundle has the dead space key for steam, you can always do that.  I only used origin for dead space 3, battlefield 3, and the sims 3(i do like playing god from time to time).

Yes, yes I did.

Sorry i forgot to mention: i've reninstalled it twice. Thank 'God' for unlimeted bandwidth.

SAdly I gave my steam key's to my friend's because they refuse to install Origin so I used the Origin keys.

bad choice

I've had no problems with origin, really, and there are no reasons to say "Origin is shit because EA" Like everybody does. I agee. .they are just starting out with Origin and whatnot. But besides that. If its ONLY that one game thats giving you problems, then its probably something with the game not being compatable with something on your system. All the origin manager does is download the ISO and install it to your PC. Its not some special copy of the game. its the retail game, managed from a client. 

It's actually MORE vanilla than steam is. 

Steam gives you the retail version, and Origin is proprietary for EA games, so everything on that is going to be "vanilla for EA."

No, steam gives you a specially formatted version in the "steamapps" folder. Origin actually downloads the games ISO, and installs it just as if you put the retail disk into the DVD drive.

Yeah, but if you put an origin game into the disk drive it just downloads it from orgins servers, just look at battlefield 3.

Thats not the case at all. I installed All of the mass effect series from a disk because I had no internet connection at the time. 

Can we stop and try to fix my problem :)

Just try redownloading it.

He said that he already tried that. 

Try going into the game folder and running the game as an administrator. Not the shortcut, but the actual .exe

I gave up with Orgy I *cough* pirated it *cough* Now it works