Dead Hard Drive

My faithful 5 year old 640GB Western Digital Cavviar Black died yeterday, and I am confused why. Also, I am wondering is there anyway to revive it? all I did yeterday was blow out my system with a can of compressed air, oiled all my fans and added 2 new ones. I went to boot up and behold the HD was not even spinning. I tried different power connections, even a different power supply. Same thing. Any tricks to maybe get the thing unstuck? I realy do not need the data, I back up but I did lose 4 days worth fo some things I did and it would be nice to get them back. So Ideas? Anything? Or shall I just crack this open and show my kids how a hard drive works. I already replaced it so right now it is just a paper weight.




Not a lot you can really do to fix a hard drive. If percussive maintenance does not work, you will prolly have to toss it.