De suck a Gs3

Hey guys i was wondering if you could make a video about how wendell de sucked his Gs3 because im really getting sick of Samsung Bloatware.Pls help and keep up the great work :) 



Do you want pure Android experience the way google intended? Check out Xda forums. They have all the tutorials and information you need to root your phone and install custom ROMs. I think these would be a good place to start


I suggest trying CyanogenMod out. The latest version is 10.1 and its all pretty east to install in an afternoon and have your phone running with all your same apps on it.

Regardless of the ROM you choose to use, the Galaxy SIII toolkit makes everything much easier.

My roommate runs CM10.1 on his GS3 and I've been running CyanogenMod on all of my decives and my families devices since 2009, so if you have any more questions I can surely help.

Try Foxhound, Thats what I have used and its briliant. Comes with overclocking tools and customisation on install. My s3 is getting slow however, I will be heading back to stock root and just use titanium to remove any bloatware I dont want.