De-/Interlacing problem in videos

Hey, everyone!

I have a problem but I don't know what is causing it (or how to solve it). I noticed it a while back when I had my old PC with crappy GPU (8600 GT) and sub-1080p monitor.

Now with my new PC and new monitor I noticed the same issue again: sometimes (and I have no idea what makes the difference) when I watch videos (bei it on YouTube or TV shows I ripped to my HDD from DVDs) I get weird regular, horizontal lines when  there's any movement involved.

They look like this ->

Has anyone an idea what causes this?


Edit: Oh, yeah, my GPU is a Sapphire R7 260X 2GB OC and the monitor a Dell U2414H connected via DP and set to 1080p @60Hz.


Edit2: Some research revealed that this has something to do with de-/interlacing....still no clue what I can do about it (the option is activated in the AMD Catalyst Control Center).

If the videos you're watching are interlaced then you need to change the deinterlacing settings in whatever player you're using or in the amd settings, whichever applies. You want to change it to a better deinterlacing mode which will blend the frames rather than just display both at once.

If the videos are not interlaced (which is a more likely case if they are DVD rips and not just the DVD or an iso) then there's not much you can go as the videos have already been deinterlaced and now you're stuck with it the way it is.

Interlaced video will always look bad when there is movement, not sure why you're seeing it with YouTube stuff though. DVDs are mostly interlaced so you might want to adjust your settings in whatever software you're using to rip them.



Thanks for the reply!

I got to fix the issue in VLC (the setting for deinterlacing was turned off) and I'm contacting the guy who uploaded the youtube video I got the screenshot from (he's a friend of mine and I noticed that earlier videos he uploaded don't show this effect. maybe he changed something).

Okay, this issue in the YouTube videos sometimes occurs due to the capturing, according to my friend.