ddr5 > ddr3?

Hello, I am currently planning on building a budget Gaming Rig PC for my brother. He has a budget of 800$ ( which I have to include a monitor + Keyboard too ). I manage to find what I think is a sweet rig till I realized the memory for the graphics card is DDR3.

I don't know if this is a big deal or not. Since I don't know much of improvement of the bandwidth is from DDR3 to DDR5, or the importance of this for quality gaming. ( The GPU is 2GB XFX Radeon R7 240 VGA in case you were wondering )

Anyway, I would like someone to try and explain to me the real differences and how much it can affect the performance, and to tell me if I should sacrifice something else to find a better card or not.


I forgot to mention the build should also included room for a windows 7 OS. Sorry for inconvenience

Yes it does make a huge difference.

That being said the R7 240 is hilariously under powered and overpriced no matter what type of GDDR it is using. It will struggle with pretty much every game even at low resolutions.

For $800 you should be getting something much much much more powerful. That much for a PC with that GPU is a rip off.

What was your build? I'm sure we can do much better for that much money.

CPU : AMD-8300








SSD: ADATA PREMIER PRO 128GB ( Please don't make me take this away )

He probably doesn't need an 8300. Knock that down a few steps.

This is a weird build and generally not very good. Yes, I'm taking the SSD away. At least that particular one. it is old now and not very good.

Either of these will be much better:
AMD: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/ZvLF6h
Intel: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/Thst23

These are priced about the same. Main difference between the two is the CPU, motherboard and GPU.

The AMD build uses an 8350. This is an 8 core CPU from AMD and pretty much the best they have to offer. it can be easily OCed and does fairly well in most games and very well in rendering and other multi-threaded workloads especially with an OC. It is cheaper and allows a more powerful GPU the R9 290. This build should max most games at 1440p although in certain titles that are more single threaded (ARMA, Skyrim, BF 3/4 Multiplayer) it won't do as well. You'll still get great framerates just not as good as you could because there is a slight bottleneck.

The Intel uses a 4690K. This is a quad core unlocked CPU. It is one of the best CPUs currently available. It will do great in all gaming applications and most productivity. That being said it is more expensive and means you can only get an R9 285. This should max games at 1080p no problem for the most part.

It is your call what CPU you want. Personally, for this price, I'd go with the 8350. A good OC eliminates a lot of the CPU bottleneck and you get a much faster GPU.Either will run rings around your suggested parts list.

That is the least of his build's problems...

To be frank, this would be the first Rig I ever build. So if you see anything that just screams 'Jackass' sorry about that.

It's cool. Good thing you came here for advice. Generally, your build is just overpriced for what it is. Everything should work together but it will be more expensive than it needs to be and isn't of the best quality. Its no big deal. Newbie mistakes. We've all made them.

Either of the builds I suggested will be good for your needs though.

The one that stood out to me the most beyond the R7, though. I don't keep up on SSDs, not much point.

I think being a newbie I will avoid OC for a while, at least till I'm comfortable with computers to a degree. That Degree being not requiring the advice of others to just find parts X)

That's fine. Even without OCing I'd go with the AMD build.

Are you like, in Australia?

Linus did a review of the R7 240


Nope, born and raised on the southern borderline of Indiana. People tend to think I am from UK for whatever odd reason.

Ah, that video. I enjoyed that one.

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Yeah those cards are junk...

Something like this: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/DKBM7P would do a lot better, there is an Intel equivalent, too lazy to make that atm. There should be enough room for a monitor and keyboard too granted he doesn't want a 200 USD keyboard and a 144hz -400 ms response time monitor.

this build is no good. Why on Earth would you pair a GTX 970 with an old outdated APU? An 860K would be a better choice but even then it would be silly. Way too little power for a 970. Complete bottleneck.

better off getting a R7 250, at least you can pair that with the GPU on an AMD APU

if you do get ddr3 (on graphics card) cause then you get parity with your mother board ddr3

Uhh, right, that was something I did for someone else, it was supposed to have some room for upgrading later on when he could afford more. I don't actually remember the reason for everything.

Since people want to freak out and don't think others are capable of creating their own list... http://pcpartpicker.com/p/w4qr8d

The 970 will last for a while and can go into newer rigs... I've had my 650Ti Boost jump 3 rigs and it's still kicking, the 970 can do the same for someone on a budget.

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Just figured that from the budget/parts in it, but ya, hang on, what form factor does he want? ATX or ITX? And what resolution? And does it need peripherals?