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Are there any news on when we can expect DDR4 cansumer-grade motherboards? Haswell is coming in June and it seems that DDR4 support is for enterprise server versions so far. I'm thinking of building a new PC around that time and if DDR4 was coming anytime soon, I would hold back until then.

EDIT: I just saw a post from when the specs have been finalized and that said that it's not coming before 2014. So I guess I have my answer, I'm probably going to stick with GPU upgrades until then.

Haswell E! From September 3rd 2013!

The CPU's support it but motherboard support wont be around for another 3 years at least.

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I don't see much of a point to go with DDR4 in the first place, as far as gaming goes. DDR3 seems to be plenty fast in-game. As far as other uses go, such as editing and servers, there could be a legitimate reason. Unless DDR3 isn't fast enough for you, I say just get what you can and enjoy your computer.

with the rise of the apu, and the HSA platform, faster memory will contribute much to system performance.

Just like anarekist is saying, DDR4 and faster speeds will make APU's the shit. In some of Linus's streams he's been talking about how the iGPU on the APU could be used for physics calculations, while an independent video card can do the rest of the graphics, so this DDR4 could be extremely beneficial. I guess this would also mean GDDR6.

If we could get away from the old-fashioned 128-bit memory bus on CPU memory controllers we could address faster memory speeds and bandwidths to the CPU entirely.