DDR4 Heat Spreader ECC

So I have an E5-1620 v3 and I run ECC of course, but the ram looks green and gross. I was wondering if it was possible for me to get some heat sinks that'll fit my ram. If anybody has any ideas, please let me know!


Reject Asthetics

Also isn't it then a server that you're running?

you can always put following


here's a search

// though i myself prefer ones without heatsink as they usually run cooler -- and give me ability to mount custom cooling on them without voiding warranty.

This is my desktop workstation

strip some off some old Dominator modules?


why ECC...whatever

you're probably going to want something plastic just so there's no risk of a short

I came here for advice, not to get judged which parts I put into my PC.

More a joke...but welcome to the internet, it's just strange to see ECC outside of a server

@Streetguru Well not necessarily, desktop workstations along with mobile work stations have ECC RAM. I have actually considered buying ECC RAM for my computer since I use vm workstation with labs for training.

@Commodore_64, @bash_pr0mpt If you can not find heat spreaders to fit your RAM buying chip heatsinks could be a option as well.

Ya, but ECC is more for servers or maybe really complex math simulations, where a bit flip would mean a horrible end.

but isnt all data corruption horrible? why is imperfection ok for the desktop?

"Real desktops have flipped bits!"


Because of it happening are rare, and most likely it's not going to do anything too harmful to your system when it happens, who knows...

it may have already happened once in your system