DDR3 prices and performance

My friend is building a system based off the 790i nvidia mobo. We need to get some good DDR3 ram but we are not sure what to get, all we have ever used is DDR2 and we dont know how much we should be spending. Sometimes 2 gb sets cost like 300+ dollars and I recently found one on newegg for 180 bucks!! we dont know what to do and any response would be appreciated

you might want some corsair xms3 or something from crucial muchkin patriot or ocz.

as you more than likely know stay away fromt he kingston crap.

just remember, corsair, crusial, mushkin, and ocz are reputable companies. although sometimes i think corsair is a little overpriced...

It depends are u someone that needs a high memory clock to do hardcore gaming or are u just browsing the forums

If u want a high performance gaming rig the extra money is worth it especially if u are going with vista

but if you are just builing a regular computer than stick with ddr2

Get two sticks of cheap 1333MHZ OCZ. 2 x 1GB. Theyre under $150. Stable and OC easily.

No point in paying for more if you dont know what youre getting. Just get the OCZ test it and then upgrade later once you get the hang of things.

@hyphykid.... he can't run ddr2 on a 790i.

My opinion with DDR3 is that go with at least 1600mhz frequency instead of 1300mhz. the 1300mhz is just not worth the money as DDR3, the step up from the high end DDR2 to 1300mhz DDR3 is not high enough.

Not my pc so go with anything you want ;) Just wanted to give you a heads up about the 1300mhz RAM.

I personally would go with [url=http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231193]this stuff[/url], it is quite cheap for DDR3 1600mhz.

Good luck with choosing the right RAM ;)


P.S. Blooddrunk, does not XMS memory work better with the intel chipsets?

ill go with DDR2 and a 780i mobo. still very good.

i agree with kinator. or just get something thats not sli.

yea corsair has like 2gbs for like 79.99 i got 2 of those it was such a good deal

i was going to go with the 790i for a build until I got smart and said FUCK DDR3 DDR2 IS THE SHIT

Put when i was going with the 790i I found a 4gb kit of the OCZ Platinum? at I believe 1600mhz for $280

the price was right for that.

But I HIGHLY recommend him just going to 780i

I went down that road and posted in numerous threads and everyone said straight up not to waste my money and i wouldnt get a performance gain at all.

But yeah I found that set, since im going with the 780i mobo now, I can buy a 4gb set of corsair dominator with tight timings for $100 cheaper than the ocz set.

Oh yeah, try finding some ddr3 ram with low latency timing, even though its pretty hard.

im with Admanthemadman get tight timings 1600mhz ddr3 is overkill, your fsb with that memory would be a major bottleneck since a 1:1 ratio with it would be like a 3200mhz front side bus. having headroom over your fsb is a good thing but not if it costs alot of money and comes with bad timings.


ddr2 667=333*2

ddr2 800= 400*2

1600fsb= 400*4


thats at least how i learned it (not very well i might add lol)

but ya you dont want to go below a 1:1 ratio and head room is a good thing, there are cretin ratios people use like 4:5, but ya im tend not to care enough to do that, id just make sure you are above a 1:1 ratio with the fsb u intend to use and get as low of latency's as possible. you dont need to do some crazy ratio like 1:2 unless you just want to brag about your memory speeds, plus if you end up getting this really fast ddr3 with shitty timings you could very well end up loosing performance.

please someone correct me if im wrong, since im a little drunk and learned this before ddr3 existed... but i don't think i am..

i thought i saw some mushkin for under $150 they should do the job or you can pick up some corsair xms2 for a little bit more

i mean xms3 haha just realized the typo

Dude im telling you, I wanted the latest and greatest but DDR3 Really ISNT that at all.

You wont get any gain in performance unless you invest a shitload into a good set and even if you do that, i twont be a noticeable difference.

But sticking with DDR2 I can get the Absoloute best set, which blow DDR3 away and almost 8gb of it for the same price as 4 shitty gb of ddr3

But if you want to go with DDR3 after all this

Then buy that OCZ 4gb platinum set.

The timings are still high I THINK 7-7-7-25? maybe 20

but their still lower than a lot of the sets

and fairly cheap for 4gb

wow adman, someone finally gets it


justice i am not retarded i know that i was saying if he is just going to be browsing forums then he should stick with a 780i or below motherboard

get a 2x2gb ocz platinum or reaper at like 1333mhz or 1600mhz 1800 is so overpriced and not worth that extra money. But if someone tries to persuade you to go ddr2 because of lower latencies dont listen latencies from like 5 to 7 arent noticeable at all ddr3 is the better way to go for performance but if your on a budget then ddr2 is fine