DDR3 1866/2133 worth it in sodimm?

As stated in another thread I’m looking to upgrade my thinkpad X230T. I already have 16 gb of ram, but I could go faster. Would I see any actual improvement if the system were to handle such memory as stated in the title? I doubt that my thinkpad could handle 1866 anyways…

Probably not worth it but what do you do with the system and what are the full specs?

Full specs are:
i5 3320m 2c4t
Intel HD3000
16gb sk hynix @1333mhz or 1600mhz (don’t remember)
Samsung 850 or 960 500gb ssd

What I usually use the machine for is a combination of desktop tasks (games, browsing, etc), dev stuff I’m fiddldng with, or 3d/2d animation. I do the last one with it because of the pen screen. I’m looking at getting an express card gpu dock for it for blender and comparing it to my mac pro.

Really all I’m looking for is what I can push. If the machine’s mebory is maxed out as it is then I’m not really going to worry about it. I’d like another project machine like my asus g50v but I don’t really have those sorta resources so I’ll take what I can get lol.

I mean if you can flip the ram and only be in a bit of money for the upgrade might be worth it. That is probably the only way I would go that route. Does the board support higher speeds?

Seems like according to ARK
1600 is the top (intel locks that shit down if im not mistaken, so you might be at top end already)

That would suck hardcore. Hmmm. Maybe I’ll look into board repair on some other machines then and doing those up…

It wouldn’t make a difference. What I’d invest money for it is to try to buy an i7-3520M. But even that might be too much of an investment for a device that old for the performance gains you might see. If it could handle a quad core CPU that would be another story and would make a big difference.

Chip’s soldered unfortunately.

Unlucky. I was facing the same doubt some months ago when the RAM on my notebook gave out and in the end I just bought 1600MHz CL9 (tightest timings possible) and avoided all possible issues. The only reports I’ve seen on 1866MHz RAM working on Sandy Bridge mobile is just a handful of laptops, mostly gaming ones.

Wasn’t 3000 Ivy Bridge?

Oops, my bad. Yes it’s Ivy Bridge and I always get them wrong lol

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